Jie Xie (谢捷)'s Research Path

Work Experience

  • 06/2018 — Present, Associate Professor, Jiangnan University, China
  • 04/2017 — 04/2018, Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Waterloo, Canada
    • Research Interest: Driving behavior analysis.
    • Advisor: Prof. Dana Kulić.

Education Background

  • 09/2013 — 02/2017, Ph.D. in Computer Science, Queensland University of Technology, Australia
    • Research Interest: Signal Processing, Image Processing, Bioacoustics, Machine learning.
    • Dissertation: “Acoustic classification of Australian frogs for ecosystem surveys”.
    • Advisors: Dr. Jinglan Zhang, Prof. Paul Roe, Dr. Michael Towsey, Prof. Vinod Chandran.
  • 09/2010 — 07/2013, M.A., Circuits and System, Shanghai University, China
    • Specialization in Video Processing.
  • 09/2005 — 07/2009, B.A., Telecommunication Engineering, Shanghai University, China 

Technical and Personal Skills

  • Programming Languages: Matlab, R, Python, C, C++, C#.
  • Industry Software Skills: Matlab (Advanced), Github (Advanced), LaTex (Advanced), Tensorflow (Intermediate), and Most MS Office products.
  • General Skills: Good presentation skill, works well in a team.

About Me

  • Quick Learner: After changing from video processing in Master study to audio processing during my Ph.D. time, I quickly fit in this new research area. All knowledge learned from my master time is well used for my Ph.D. project.
  • Diligent and Independent: I have been prolific in writing papers in my Ph.D. time, which can be well reflected by my publication list. Meanwhile, I am now capable of working independently including writing and publishing papers. 
  • Highly Motivated: During my Ph.D. study, I have been proactive in not only publishing papers but also seeking external funding. In 2015, I successfully received a grant from the Wet Tropic Management Authority to support my research.

Academic service

  • Reviewer
    • IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems
    • IEEE Transactions on Multimedia
    • Journal of the American Statistical Association
    • IEEE Access
    • Journal of Herpetology 
    • PeerJ
    • Ecological Informatics
    • Applied Acoustics
    • European Journal of Remote Sensing
    • SPLINE 2016, IEEE SMC 2018, ICCCAS 2018
  • Technical Program Committee
    • CIIS 2017
    • ICCCAS 2018